Riverside Lodge

Riverside Lodge

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Joyful Cottage

Hello, dear readers! Best wishes and Happy 2018 from me, Hester Hogwart!

Do you remember our Poltergeist ordeal in 2016? If you do, you might be aware that Nina never posted about what happened to our cottage after Santa and the angels came to help clean up and renovate on the evening of the 24th! It's not that she didn't want to, but Hamish and I asked her for some privacy. 

Now that we have been living happily inside our renovated home for over a year, I would like to finally show you the photos from Christmas Eve 2016 and tell you that we have renamed our home     💜Joyful Cottage💜

Now I will share some "before and after" photos with you. This is what our entrance looked like before I left with the children to get some help. A real mess, wasn't it...

And this is what it looks like now!

The kitchen was also a mess and all our appliances were broken by Nellie, the poor little pixie that was trying to get our attention. Our pet frogs were frozen stiff on top of the oven. Dear Santa and his angels took the matter into their hands and when we came back home the kitchen looked like this:

Look at the beautiful new windows, the curtains, wallpaper and rug! I also love the red deer picture. The frogs were back in shape, hopping around the house and someone had made a meatloaf out of the minced meat and shaped it like a teddy bear!! (Ruff, our meat-eating pet plant, was over the moon...)

This is what my worktable looked like that day. We hadn't any magical ingredients left and Nellie had destroyed most of my utensils. We hadn't any food left either, except that packet of raw minced meat.

When the babies and I came home, the table looked like a royal buffet. There was everything one could wish for. Fresh fruit and vegetables, apple pie and chocolate cake, loaves of warm bread, carrot soup, butter and ham, apples with vanilla and cinnamon sauce fresh out of the oven, milk and orange juice to drink, vanilla pudding and cheeses for desert, a can of sardines, a jar of apricots and pickled cucumbers. What a feast!

"What about the children's cold and hard little cots?" you might ask. Where did they sleep that night? 
In case you don't remember, little Nellie had placed clothes moths on their blankets, and the maggots had slowly eaten up the bedding...

Well, that problem was also solved, as Santa gave my babies three cozy and warm woollen sleeping bags for their cots. From that night on my babies slept as comfortably as sausage rolls in an oven!!!

I do hope you enjoyed this little visit to Joyful Cottage. 
Kisses to all and come back soon!!